We were originally known as The Sullivan Group, a financial planning and investment advisory firm of which Tom Sullivan started in 1980 in Sacramento, California and sold to Prudential Securities in 1986. Nationally, Tom Sullivan is well-known for his business, current events, and political talk show as well as an occasional stand-in host for other national news broadcasters. His experience and conservative stance with the ability to include viewpoints from listeners with different opinions helped make his show nationally successful amongst a wide audience.

The Sullivan Group was re-established in 1994 as Tom Sullivan grew the firm with a group financial advisors at a large banking institution. Through the years and numerous mergers and acquisitions, The Sullivan Group became a very well-known, respected, and trusted team of financial advisors in Northern California. Tom’s success as a business and political talk show host on AM radio KFBK, and NBC television affiliate KCRA, helped bring notoriety to The Sullivan Group. Tom was Managing Director of The Sullivan Group at Wachovia Securities until he retired in 2007 to pursue his dream of moving to New York City as a national radio and television host. Tom became one of the original hosts on the Fox Business Network, and continues today to broadcast “The Tom Sullivan Show” from New York City.

Soon after Tom Sullivan moved to NYC, The Sullivan Group left Wachovia Securities and joined Morgan Stanley in 2007. Economic changes leading up to the financial crash of 2008 alerted the group to reevaluate their role at Wachovia Securities and therefore made the move to Morgan Stanley shortly thereafter.

In 2013, Brad Sullivan (the son and former business partner of Tom Sullivan), Edward Bunting and Julie Shiles left Morgan Stanley to bring the team to an independent Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm with a vision to create a practice that focuses on the needs of the clients. Changes to the group’s name were made to clarify the services of the business and the team was now called the “Sullivan Wealth Management Group”. In early 2016, Sullivan Wealth Management Group began offering their investment advisory services through the SEC Registered Investment Advisory firm, Mutual Advisors, LLC.

Today, The Sullivan Wealth Management Group embraces and grows from the changes that our industry, our country, and community have seen since the beginning in 1980. We are honored to be chosen by clientele who represent the diversity of our nation and value us for our experience, knowledge, and dedication.